Just a bunch of schematics

all circuits and/or calculations untested, so use on your own risk

Some changes (maybe improvements) on the SSL Mixbus Compressor Clone

GSSL bypass/LED schematic (minimalist version)
GSSL bypass/LED pcb-placement (where to locate on the pcb)
Original files property of Jakob Erland

Some own new additions on eurocard (in development), never seen before in hardware, so this might catch your interest (maybe I'm only nuts).
- Sidechain filter (variable Hpf 6/12dB switchable, Lpf deriving 6dB), variable balancing from Hpf to Lpf with flat response at center.
- Switchable Key listening for sidechain, Hpf- and Lpf-Leftover to check what you cut, reduce or enhance.
- Relay driven Hardwire-Bypass.
- Gain reduction 10-segment dot/bar LED-Meter.
GSSL Sidechainfilter schematic
PCB overview
PCB topside
PCB bottomside
PCB silkscreen

Other unsorted files, maybe usable

1 LED peak/signal-present indicator

JLM Baby Animal stepped gain calculation
Original files property of JLM-Audio

Reliquia312 starground wiring schem

Tape saturator calculation
Tape saturator schematic

Exotic parts you've always been hunting for but never could source:

Exorbitant sounding transistor with adjustable hfe
The alike looking type S with adjustable bias never got into production
Fake Transistor

Unknown prototype of spacing adjustable capacitors
Fake Capacitor

Also this well kept secret, the never needed prototype of a wattage adjustable trimmer with integrated smokeabsorber
Fake Trimmer

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